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Our Companions Animal Rescue is a Connecticut based organization that promises to always do the right thing for animals, regardless of the challenge or cost.

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Phase 3. Sanctuary Expansion Plans!

Phase 3

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Our Companions was founded in 2002 after receiving a gift of 43 acres of land in Ashford, Connecticut. Ironically this property, formerly a factory farm for laying hens, has been transformed into a Sanctuary that offers a unique and much-needed resource for homeless cats and dogs.

The animals at our Sanctuary, most of whom are older, traumatized, abused, or neglected, are the types of animals that would likely be euthanized in a traditional shelter. Our Sanctuary helps these animals by providing them a home-like setting that is conducive to a longer-term stay: a low-stress, enriching atmosphere that encourages healing and rehabilitation. The Sanctuary also serves as an adoption center, providing an inviting place for people to meet our animals and find the perfect addition to their family.

The complete, multi-phase Sanctuary construction plan entails 17 cottages for cats and dogs, an education center, a dog park, walking trails and nature preserve. Thanks to generous support within the community, we successfully demolished the defunct factory farm and completed Phase 1 of construction. Subsequently, we completed Phase 2 in 2013.

We are now planning Phase 3 of Sanctuary construction. Successful completion of this one-million-dollar Capital Campaign will allow us to double our capacity for housing animals at the Sanctuary. Thanks to the Newman’s Own Foundation Sanctuary Challenge, we have received a lead gift of $100,000 to start the capital campaign. To date we have raised $625,000. Our intent is to continue fundraising this year with the goal of opening the new cottages in 2017.

To learn more about the Capital Campaign, including Naming Opportunities, contact Susan Linker at 860-242-9999, ext .301 or email her at SusanL@OurCompanions.org. Donors who generously name a space in honor or memory of a loved one, human or animal, are more than welcome to have a photo or portrait of said tribute displayed in their respective named area.

The chart below illustrates our progress thus far, as well as future construction phases.




Fundraising Status

Project Status

Demolition Demolish defunct factory farm $300,000 Completed Fall 2008 Completed Winter 2009
1 First rescue cottage, welcome center, garage, site work & vehicle purchase $1,000,000 Completed Spring 2011 Completed Fall 2012
2 2 more rescue cottages, Remembrance Wall and Reflection Gardens $630,000 Completed Spring 2013 Completed Fall 2013
3 4 more cottages
(two feline and two canine)
$1,000,000 Raised $625,000 Begin construction 2017
4 10 more cottages and education center $3,5000,000 TBD TBD


Phase 3 Cottage

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