The day we've been working towards for so many years was finally here, and the dream became reality!

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Cookie and Her Crumbs

Cookie arrived at the Sanctuary in early May with her 3 “sisters” who had been abandoned by their owner and then rescued by a kind neighbor. Emily, Roxy and Whiskers were all spayed and are ready for adoption now! Cookie was quite pregnant, however and so she’s taken a slightly different path.

We were anxiously awaiting the BIG DAY and on Wednesday, May 6th she delivered three beautiful babies. We’ve captured many special moments from the first few days by camera and video.

And one week later, when the kittens are still deaf and blind but oh so adorable!

Cookie 2

Keeping up with Cookie and her Crumbs, the kittens are two weeks old now – all eyes are opened and they have even learned to hiss! Cookie’s crumbs have names now, Keebler, Biscuit and Graham.

Cookie is now taking time to stretch her legs and play on her own, which is a great opportunity for people to visit with the kittens.

Cookie 3


Time is flying and Week 3 has brought a lot of growth and development, they are starting to explore and play.

Cookie 4

During Week 4, the kittens learn to play and be more independent…well, some of the time.

Time is going by so fast! During Week 5, play rules the day in between all of those important naps (since we are growing so we need to sleep 18 hours a day).

Cookie Week 5

Week 6 brings the kittens working diligently on all  their skills playing, jumping, running and wrestling and becoming more agile and athletic everyday.

Cookie week 6

Seven weeks have now passed and soon these little guys will be leaving the nest for homes of their own. Graham's always the joker in the pack!

Cookie Week 7

Week 8 and it is time to head off to their new families and forever homes! But they can't leave without giving us just a few more playful moments between our siblings.

Cookie week 8

While we’ll continue to share this beautiful story, you can always check out the Our Companions Blog for the latest on the kittens and our other beautiful friends at the Sanctuary.