The day we've been working towards for so many years was finally here, and the dream became reality!

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Christmas Lights Go On at the Sanctuary
By Krystal Makowski

Sanct Xmas 1


The magic all took place on December 7th, 2014 where our wonderful volunteers came to our Holly Jolly Lighting Event with their holiday spirit in tow to transform the sanctuary into its annual scenic display of snowmen and twinkly lights. It’s so beautiful that I dare you NOT to drive past the sanctuary blasting your most merry music with a hot cocoa in your mitted hand – you won’t be able to resist!

Our volunteers are full of love all year long as they dote on our amazing creatures so when the holidays come around and they step up their beautiful hearts to include creating a winter wonderland for all to see then it is a true thing of beauty. Please feel free to grab the kids –furry or human and check out the site for yourself.

If you happen to live closer to the North Pole and can’t make it to our wonderful little spot, then please enjoy some of the pics. We are so excited to show the world what we can accomplish with some donated lights and some hard work!

Click here to see our volunteers preparing the Sanctuary for the holidays.

O XmaS

Happy Holidays from Our Companions!