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Veterinary Assistance Program

Our Companions is dedicated to keeping people and pets together.

Each year, veterinary costs increase and many responsible pet owners, who love their pet and want to do the right thing for their animal, simply cannot afford the cost of basic health care. Therefore, identifying the growing need for people to have access to affordable veterinary care, we've compiled resources to best meet the need of our community and their pet's health.

We hold several Pop-up Veterinary Wellness Clinics throughout the year to seniors in our local community.

We also offer financial support for veterinary care for pets in our Veterinary Assistance Program entering our rehoming program, colony caregivers TNRing community cats and Connecticut-based owned pets.

We look forward to helping your pets feel healthy and happy!


Pop-up Veterinary Wellness Clinics for Seniors

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Our Pop-up Veterinary Wellness Clinics are held throughout the year either at our Valerie Friedman Program Center or in the Manchester community. We provide veterinary care for senior pet owners at a low-cost to help ensure their pet's health.

Veterinary care at these pop-up clinics can include a physical exam, vaccines, nail trims, heartworm testing, SNAP testing, parasite treatment if needed, and much more. Pet owners are able to talk with the veterinarian about their pet's health, including nutrition and grooming care.

Our Companions will also follow up with pet owners if their pets need additional care and treatment after the clinic following the vet's recommended advice.

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Learn more about a few of our past Pop-up Veterinary Wellness Clinics we've held in previous years:

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Here's how OC's Veterinary Assistance Program can help:

  • We provide resource lists and brainstorm with owners to find veterinary care options.
  • We provide financial support to owners of pets coming into our rehoming program so they will meet our veterinary requirements.
  • We provide financial assistance to help with the veterinary fees associated with Trap Neuter Return of community cats.
  • We provide limited support to caregivers/owners for care at one of our partner vets or with their established clinic.

Please keep in mind, Our Companions does not have a veterinary hospital and cannot provide regular veterinary care for your pet. Our Veterinary Assistance Program is not able to respond to emergency veterinary assistance and cannot reimburse an owner for vet care that has already been completed. If you do have any questions about our Pop-up Veterinary Wellness Clinics or Veterinary Assistance Program, you can contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected].

We're happy to provide you with more information to best help you and your pet!

Tips to Prepare for Your Pet's Wellness

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  • Establish your pet at a veterinary clinic and see your vet regularly for preventative checkups.
  • Follow your vet's advice for feeding, heartworm, flea/tick prevention, etc.
  • Establish a savings account for pet emergencies.
  • Buy pet insurance.
  • Apply for CareCredit – a great option for medical expenses.

Additional Veterinary Resources

For any questions or for more information about our Veterinary Assistance Program:

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