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Our Companions' animal Helpline is the center for all of our life-saving programs. 


Our animal Helpline is unique to Our Companions, as there is nothing like it in Connecticut. We have a team of dedicated and specially trained staff and volunteers who respond to questions and assist in addressing any animal-related issues, all of which is provided as a free public service.

Our focus is providing services that preserve the human/animal bond to keep pets and people together.  

Through our Helpline, we provide pet training, animal behavioral support, community cat (TNR) assistance, adoption information, pet food and supply assistance. Thanks to our affordable veterinary care programs, we are also able to help dozens of pet owners facing financial hardship get the medical care their pets needed.

Our Helpline team responds close to 4,000 calls each year from people seeking assistance with their pet-related questions and challenges.

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When contacting our Helpline for assistance, you’ll leave a message by either calling 860-242-9999 or emailing [email protected]. Depending on the information you’re seeking, our staff dispatches your message to the correct member of our team. We respond to every message within 24-48 hours to answer any questions, provide more information on our programs and to discuss how we can best help you.

Our team of trained animal caseworkers usher our clients into one of the following programs:  

Since 2019, our Helpline has experienced a 45% increase in calls and trends continue to rise.

Helpline Program Trends in 2023

Helpline Program Trends in 2022

Helpline in 2022