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A Tribute to Josie

By Heather Wildman | September 5, 2023

At Our Companions, Josie’s story began with us six years ago when she was trapped as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project in New Britain. Someone was trapping community cats,…

A Tribute to Simon

By Heather Wildman | December 8, 2022

Simon was originally found as a community cat, living outside and unowned. He became a part of a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project to be neutered and returned back to the outside…

A Tribute to Mickey

By Heather Wildman | November 3, 2022

We first heard of Mickey when his previous owner contacted our Helpline seeking assistance. One of our incredible Helpline volunteers returned his plea for help and talked to the owner…

A Tribute to Bella

By Heather Wildman | May 31, 2022

After beautiful Bella’s one and only owner sadly passed away, she was taken in by her owner’s daughter. Bella was estimated to be 11 years old and already had several…

A Tribute to Ortega

By Heather Wildman | May 31, 2022

Our Companions heard about Ortega after his owner had to move to an assisted living facility and unfortunately couldn’t bring Ortega with him. At 12 years old, Ortega was diabetic…

A Tribute to Stromboli

By Heather Wildman | April 6, 2022

Many of you might not have heard of Stromboli before or know that she was a guest at our Sanctuary. She was only with us for about six days, and…

A Tribute to Paisley

By Heather Wildman | February 2, 2022

Right as she was reaching her golden years, Paisley sadly lost her one and only owner. Having probably lived a very predictable, quiet life, her world got flipped upside down…

A Tribute to Charlie

By Heather Wildman | September 30, 2021

Prior to coming to the Sanctuary in April, Charlie lived with his only owner in a home. After noticing Charlie was tethered outside for a couple days, a worried neighbor…

A Tribute to Oliver

By Heather Wildman | June 2, 2021

Oliver arrived to our Sanctuary in March of this year and, though only nine years old, his physical appearance proved that there were some underlying medical issues that needed to…

A Tribute to Pumpkin

By Heather Wildman | May 4, 2021

Found as a stray, petite Pumpkin arrived at the Sanctuary and quickly became a newbie favorite! You’d often find her in her room already purring, waiting on the couch for…

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