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Adoption Information

The Our Companions Adoption Program aims to find a pet who will be the best match for each adopter. Our adoption team provides our adopters with support from the start of the journey and throughout the animal’s entire life including:

  • Pre-adoption counseling
  • Assistance while the animal is settling in, and
  • Life-long support.

Our goal is to find loving homes for our animals and to facilitate individualized adoptions that meet both the adopter’s and animal’s needs.

Why adopt from Our Companions?

We offer a personalized adoption process, with an individual pet Adoption Caseworker assigned to work with you throughout the process. Making an ideal match for both pet and adopter is our highest priority. In addition, we offer a Lifetime Promise to each animal that is adopted to make sure our adopters have the help they need to care for their pet.

What is the Our Companions Lifetime Promise?

This promise is made to every single animal that is adopted through our organization, both through our Sanctuary and Rehoming Programs. We promise to fully support all of our animals post-adoption to keep people and their pets together. By following up with adopters post-adoption, we can provide guidance and assistance to ensure both the pets and their families are set up for success.

Though we understand things happen, life changes, and maybe these pets and their families can no longer be together. Our Lifetime Promise includes a safety net agreement where we will welcome back any animal that we’ve adopted.

To hear testimonials from a couple of our adopters about our Lifetime Promise, click here.

What is the process for adopting a pet from Our Companions?

Before being considered for any of our adoptable pets, you must fill out an application. Applications can be found at the top of this page and can be submitted online. Hard copies are available upon request.

For a step by step outline of our adoption process, please click here.

What is included in adoptions from Our Companions?

Our Companions wants to make sure adopters have everything they need to help their new pet transition well. Therefore, we include the following with our adoptions:

  • All of our pets receive a veterinary wellness exam and vet records are provided at the time of adoption.
  • They are vaccinated as appropriate, spayed or neutered, and treated for internal and external parasites.
  • Dogs are tested for Lyme and Heartworm. Cats are tested for FeLV and FIV.
  • Most pets are micro-chipped prior to adoption, if not, we do provide microchips at the time of adoption free of charge.
  • Cats and dogs will usually be sent to their new home with daily care information, and may include a favorite toy, bed, and/or blanket to make their transition more comfortable.
  • Our Companions provides transitioning advice and support when the pet is first moving in. Follow-up is provided for the first year and beyond as needed. You are welcome to reach out at any time after that as well. Our advice is always free!
  • Dog adopters are offered Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Classes at a discounted rate, which take place at the Valerie Friedman Program Center in Manchester, CT.

How much does it cost to adopt?

Our Companions does not charge for adoptions, but we do ask for a tax-deductible donation. Our suggested donations are:

  • Cats - $75, $125/pair
  • Kittens (6 months & younger) - $125, $200/pair
  • Dogs  - $150
  • Rabbits - $60, $100/pair


Contact our Adoption Team through the Our Companions Helpline by calling 860-242-9999 ext. 302 or emailing [email protected].

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