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Dog Training Classes

Gain a greater understanding of your dog.

Our Companions offers positive reward-based training classes to address common behavior problems, and strengthen the bond between people and their canine companions. Our affordable group training classes are small, often providing a one-to-one student/instructor ratio. Our Companions classes are unique and specialize in teaching about dog behavior rather than just the commands so that pet owners leave class with a greater understanding of their dogs. All classes are designed to be a safe and positive experience for reactive dogs and fearful dogs. We hold classes at the Valerie Friedman Program Center, 34C Sanrico Drive in Manchester.

Behavior & Training Classes:

Family Companion 1

Family Companion 1

two dogs

Family Companion 1.5

dog with casts

Family Companion 2

Dog in Flowers

Family Companion 3 (Group Walk)


Focusing on Focus


Trick Training Class


More Trick Training


Canine Sports and Games

obstacle course

Fun with Rally Obedience


Scent Fun

See Results in Your Dog

"Just wanted to let you know how much we love Family Companions 1 on Tuesday nights! It has great teachers, a great teacher to dog ratio, and what we're learning is so practical and easy to implement."

Kelly Luxenberg

Machester, CT

"Fezz has been so much better walking with me! We continue to work with him and we are so happy to have rescued him. He constantly makes us smile."

Amy Nocton

Storrs, CT

“Thank you! And please tell everyone else who had anything to do with Maya's training at OC ... thank you! Today she passed her therapy test with flying colors! I really didn't think she would. I knew she was capable; just not reliably so. But I spent an hour before the test walking and running with her so she was tired. So she could think. And she was amazing!

Penny Petrone

Rocky Hill, CT