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Dog Training Classes

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Our Companions offers positive, reward-based training classes to address common behavior problems, and strengthen the bond between people and their canine companions. Our affordable group training classes are small, often providing a one-to-one student/instructor ratio. Our Companions classes are unique and specialize in teaching about dog behavior rather than just the commands so that pet owners leave class with a greater understanding of their dogs. All classes are designed to be a safe and positive experience for reactive dogs and fearful dogs. We hold classes at the Valerie Friedman Program Center, 34C Sanrico Drive in Manchester.

Beginner Training Classes

New to training? At Our Companions, all new students follow our standard Family Companions Series. Not only will this introduce you to our programs, but ensures you and your dog have the foundation and confidence needed to attend our more advanced classes. If you need assistance with registration, please contact us at 860-242-9999 or [email protected]


Family Companion 1

two dogs

Family Companion 1.5

dog with casts

Family Companion 2

Dog in Flowers

Family Companion 3 (Group Walk)

Advanced Training Classes

Our advanced training classes feature fun, specialized skills for you and your canine companion. These courses are offered on a limited basis and fill up fast! If you would like to join our waitlist, please contact us at 860-242-9999 or [email protected]


Focusing on Focus


Trick Training Class


More Trick Training


Polite Loose Leash Walking

obstacle course

Fun with Rally Obedience

Enrichment & Scent Fun

See Results in Your Dog

Meet the Trainers

Deanna & Moe1

Deanna Nickels


Hi, I'm Deanna Nickels

I am an Animal Behavior College Graduate (ABCDT) and have been with Our Companions for a total of 13 years, 3 as a volunteer and 10 as the Canine College Manager. I am the primary contact for our training students and teach and supervise all of our course offerings. My favorite skill is Doggie Skateboarding!

"I love seeing the relationship grow between two very different species."


Beth Vincent

Hi, I'm Beth Vincent

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Family Paws Parent Educator (FPPE). I have been volunteering with Our Companions for 10 years and teach FC1 and FC2, FC 1.5, Scent Fun,  Tricks, and Focus on Focus. My favorite training skills are Say Please and Bellie Walking!

"I love that the program is built around helping people understand and build their relationships with their dogs, and coaching and empowering people"


Sue Lawlor

Hi, I'm Sue Lawlor

I have been a volunteer at Our Companions for 8 years and have learned from some of the most respected R+ trainers in the world.  I teach FC1, 1.5, 2, & 3; Tricks 102 & 102; and Scent Fun! My favorite skill is Recall. "It is a life-or-death skill and I just love to see dogs sprinting happily to their owners when called!"

"I love that Our Companions can accommodate and provide a safe environment for reactive and fearful dogs and the people who love them."

image0 (2)

 Natalie Hernández Aurrecoechea
Habla español

Hi, I'm Natalie Hernández Aurrecoechea

I have been a volunteer with Our Companions for 5 years! I teach the FC1, FC1.5, FC2, Scent, Focus, Tricks 1&2, and Walking Club! My favorite skill to teach is sit at your side.

"I love seeing the dogs and the people grow in their relationship. Watching dogs of all kinds grow their confidence in their people’s ability to communicate and advocate for them is such a great feeling. Plus I like having a fun place to try things with my dog surrounded by people who are also pet obsessed. The best thing about OC is the community."


Daryl Carbone

Hi, I'm Daryl Carbone

I am a Certified Canine Massage Therapist (CCMT) and have been volunteering with Our Companions for 15 years. I teach FC1 and FC2, Scent Fun, and Tricks! My favorite training skills are the classic Wait, Recall, and Stay."

"I love the bond between dog and owner that our training classes promote."

Lynda formatted

Lynda Thornton

Hi, I'm Lynda Thornton

I have been a volunteer at Our Companions for 13 years. I teach FC1 and FC2. My favorite training skills to teach are the Turn and Go and Say Please!

"I love how much individual attention is given to each client especially if they have a dog with more challenges."

jill photo

Jill Cote

Hi, I'm Jill Cote

I have been a volunteer at Our Companions for 2 years and I teach FC1. My favorite training skill to teach is the Turn and Go.

"I love that classes are welcoming, accommodating, and inclusive of all dogs."


Janice Finn

Hi, I'm Janice Finn

I have been a volunteer with Our Companions for 5 years! I teach Family Companions 1 (FC1) and my favorite training skill to teach is Recall. I love watching them come running back to you!

"I love building the relationship between you and your dog."

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