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47 acres committed to the health and well-being of animals

Welcome to Our Companion's Sanctuary, a place of care and healing for vulnerable dogs and cats.

Our mission is to provide a place where dogs and cats who need special attention, whether due to medical or behavioral challenges, can have the time and the skilled guidance to recover from what they may have been through, have a calm and rewarding life while they are here, and make progress toward eventually finding that perfect forever home.

Our staff and volunteers provide constant companionship and enrichment to make sure these needy pets stay happy and healthy.  Our facilities are a real home for the dogs and cats, designed to give them the highest level of comfort and interaction.

Our 47 acres of rural land provides the animals, the staff, and the volunteers with a pristine and serene environment in which to embark on this vital work.  The Sanctuary is a place of true rest and recovery for these animals in need.  

Due to COVID and the necessary safety precautions, we are not offering public visiting hours. Until we can see you in person we hope you enjoy the video tour below.

Sanctuary Cats

Sanctuary Dogs

Behind the Scenes: Tales from the Sanctuary
Our Companions volunteers Ben Teaford and Julie Stankiewicz explain what makes the Ashford Sanctuary such a special place.

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