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Walk into the canine entrance of the Rescue Cottage and you'll immediately recognize it as a dog-friendly environment. In the 900-square-foot homes, dogs have ample room for play and romping, as well as cozy spots for lounging and napping.

The floor is designed to be gentle on paws and is easy to clean. The home-like feel, comfortable couches, and dog toys ease any dog’s stress and enable our canine companions to learn to adapt to warm, inviting environments.

The foyer leads into an open, bright and cheerful living room. This room serves as a place to greet visitors, provide orientation to the Sanctuary, introduce people to adoptable dogs and to conduct educational presentations.

The appearance is similar to a standard home with all of the amenities (kitchen, bathroom, television, etc.), in order to facilitate training, behavioral modification, long-term happiness and to prepare animals for adoption.

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