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Transformation from Factory Farm to Sanctuary

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When Our Companions received the Ashford Sanctuary property in 2002, it was home to an abandoned, dilapidated factory farm. The site contained the three biggest buildings in Ashford which, when combined, measured 98,000 square feet (nearly the size of two football fields!).

In 2007-2008, Our Companions raised $300,000 for the “Demolition Phase” of our capital campaign.  The purpose of this initial capital fundraising phase was to remove the factory farm structures - which were not only an eyesore for the local community but a hazard to nearby residents and the environment alike - and embark upon the extraordinary task of restoring the land.

This included the removal of:

  • 70 tons of contaminated soil, asbestos, batteries, refrigerators
  • A 275 gallon oil tank
  • A 400 gallon oil tank
  • An abandoned car
  • A 2,000 gallon underground storage tank
  • A chicken incinerator
  • Oil barrels
  • Copious amounts of tar
Phase Details Campaign Total Project Status
Demolish defunct factory farm$300,000Completed Winter 2009
1First rescue cottage, welcome center, garage, site work, & vehicle purchase$1,000,000Completed Fall 2012
22 more rescue cottages, Remembrance Wall & Reflection Gardens$630,000Completed Fall 2013
33 more cottages (1 feline, 2 canine)$1,200,000Completed Winter 2017
43 more cottages (1 canine with rehab, 1 feline, 1 small animal)$2,250,000Completed Summer 2023
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