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Dog Behavior Services

Behavioral issues with a dog in the home is a leading reason that people seek to rehome their dog. At Our Companions, we seek to keep the dog in the home whenever possible. Often through training and a greater understanding of your dog, we can succeed in keeping your dog in your home and out of a shelter. If you are experiencing aggression or behavior that is worrisome don’t hesitate to reach out, we will most likely schedule you for a free behavior evaluation so that we can meet you and your dog. For basic dog training, and management guidance please enroll your dog in a class. We emphasize developing the bond with you and your dog, and teaching you about basic dog behavior all while helping you learn how to teach your dog some obedience skills. See the Training Class schedule below or contact us to learn more about our Training Classes and Behavioral Evaluations.

Training Classes

Our Training Classes are an excellent way to overcome
most behavioral issues you are experiencing with your dog.

Learn All About Puppies!

Our Companions has crafted an educational presentation to help puppy parents learn all about their precious pup!

Parenting with Pets

Parenting with Pets

This brand-new community service offers a structured training curriculum for parents to learn proactive ways of keeping children safe with their dogs in the home.

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