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Marking Our Companions’ 20th Anniversary

If you’ve been to the Sanctuary lately, you may have noticed the two newest additions to the landscape: very special sculptures depicting a cat and a dog.

This piece of art was commissioned by longtime Board Member and former Board Chair Valerie Friedman to honor Our Companion’s 20th Anniversary. Valerie “met” Connecticut artist Danielle Mailer more than a year ago on a virtual gallery tour showcasing various artists and their studios.

“Danielle’s creative work spoke to me, so I made an appointment to visit her studio in Goshen, Connecticut,” says Valerie. “When I saw examples of her large-scale animal sculptures, I thought that Our Companions’ 20th anniversary would provide an opportunity for Danielle to create something magnificent -– which she did.”

It is hoped that the sculpture will delight and inspire those who visit the Ashford Sanctuary. “I hope it reinforces the organization’s work of giving the best experiences to the animals in our care, and preparing them for the best possible life after they move to their forever homes,” says Valerie.

The sculptures – larger than life and strikingly beautiful – feature intricate, curling colors and convey the concept of friendship between species and a sense of majesty and fun. During the course of this project, Danielle and Valerie developed a friendship based on their mutual love of animals. The result of their partnership is a work of art that will be meaningful to many, and enjoyed for generations to come.

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