Our 2022 Sanctuary Photoshoots

We love our themed photoshoots where our guests get dressed up for special occasions and flaunt their stuff in front of the camera! Yet with the start of 2022 and the spring weather started to peek through, we wanted to have a more informal photoshoot where our guests could simply do what they do best, be themselves! Whether that was relaxing, napping, playing, or seeking pets, this informal photoshoot allowed us to capture more challenging or fearful animals since there were no props, décor, and minimal people in their rooms.

We first started with the cats and captured OC supermodels like Lucky, Ralph, Ortega, Clawdia, Yetti, and Wavy Gravy! We were able to sneak in some shots with shy guys and gals Kieko, Wilbur and Orville, Oakley, and Niles. Some first timers also included Captain Crunch, Mickey, Linus, Ripley, and Shazam!

As spring continued and the sunny, breezy weather in full force, we wanted to capture our canine cuties outside at our lovely Sanctuary! Keeping with the same essence of our cat photoshoot, we wanted to photograph our canine guests in their natural element, being themselves and having fun! A big part of that is also capturing their human friends too! This includes both staff and volunteers that exercise, socialize, and train our guests on a daily basis! Here you’ll find Brooke showing off some skills with OC staffer Hannah and sneaking in some pets with OC staffer Lucas. Cole was also able to get in on the fun at the end of his walk with BFF Lucas too! Gidget had some play yard time with OC staffer Toni before heading inside for a lovely massage with volunteer Daryl! We caught Missy and volunteer Annie cooling off in the play yard after a vigorous walk in the woods! Alayna and Arya practiced their perfect head tilts for their hang out sesh! And big thanks to volunteer Kyle for working on recall with Scout and focus skills with Willow! We also captured some solo time with Bella, Miel, and Khloe, who was all smiles post-surgery!

With our biggest construction to date taking place in 2022, we couldn’t resist doing a photoshoot! Bootz the Builder put on her reflective safety vest and, with her OC staffer business partner Courtney, gave us a tour of the grounds and future construction. Though mostly the tour consisted of having fun on big piles of dirt! We wouldn’t have it any other way!

One of our favorite photoshoots that we do every year is our Halloween photoshoot! We had guests that dressed as other animal aliases, like Ralph as a lobster and Gidget as a unicorn. We had some super animals dress as super heroes, like Willow as Bolt and Tater Tot as Superman! Other guests were cute enough to eat, like Wavy Gravy as a hot dog and Palmer as a slice of pizza! A couple guests showed off their part time jobs, like Bootz as a barista and Captain Crunch as a cowboy! And lastly, a couple guests just decided to be their authentic selves- Milo as an angel and Brooke proudly displaying that she ate her own costume!

Our last and final photoshoot of the year- festive fun! The holiday season can always be a hectic time of year, therefore our guests just wanted to dress up, have fun, and bring some laughs and cheer to all of our community!

Our Sanctuary guests are extraordinary animals with beautiful personalities and quirks that bring us such happiness- and we love sharing that with all of you! We want to give a big thank you to our OC staffers Krystal and Lindsey that help conduct these photoshoots and highlight our lovely guests! Tell us what your favorite photo is below! What themed photoshoot should we do for 2023?!