Small Animal Placement

2019 Our Companions Small Animal Placement Program PDF

Thank you for your interest in having Our Companions Animal Rescue help you to find a home for your small adoptable pet (bird, hamster, ferret, guinea pig, turtle, etc.) you rescued or can no longer keep. We offer a wonderful re-homing program where we can work with you to find a loving adopter for your adoptable pet.

Through this program, we have adopted out many small adoptable pets over the past few years and our proven program can certainly help you as well.

Participation in this program requires the following:
o You must have access to reliable transportation (Clients need to provide transportation to adoption meetings and veterinary appointments).
o You must agree to keep the adoptable pet(s) in a safe and secure indoor environment until a new home is found (average placement time ranges from 2-4 months depending on the age, nature, and health of the pet).
o E-mail or mail photographs: see the 10 Tips for Taking an Effective Photo for help taking a good photo. We can use up to six photos and one video for advertising purposes.
o You must take financial responsibility for veterinary care. In order to participate in the program, the following veterinary care may be required in advance:
1. Birds – recent exam (within last 6 months)
2. Ferrets – current for Rabies Vaccine (legally required)
3. Chinchilla – recent exam (within last 6 months)

If you are unable to sign up for our program at this time, please refer to the Additional Resources document for information on other rescue organizations and for advice on how you can find a home for your small adoptable pet on your own.

Thank you for caring about the animals. Whether this is your pet or a homeless small adoptable pet you are trying to help, we are ready work with you to find them a forever home!

Warm Regards,

Caroline K. Gaetano
Director of Community Programs



Our Companions small adoptable animal rescue program is managed through our Helpline. Helpline volunteers are animal welfare professionals who donate their time to helping pets in need. While there is not a fee for this service, we do gratefully accept donations.

Small adoptable pets in this program will have access to the following services:

• Advertisement on the Our Companions website, Facebook and We have many media partners and have opportunities to advertise through newspaper, radio, television, magazines and email. We also create a beautifully designed poster for each adoptable pet.

• We provide adoption applications and screen potential adopters to find the best home for your adoptable pet. Our screening process includes: personal and veterinary reference checks, education about transitioning the adoptable pet into a new home and support through the adoption process.

• Once an adopter is found, a contract will be drafted between you and the new adopter.
Should the adoption fail, we require one party to pledge that they will house the
adoptable pet until a new adopter can be found. A donation to Our Companions is appreciated once the adoption is finalized.

To sign up for this program return following materials: Assistance Request form, Personality Profile, Vet Records (if applicable) and Photographs/Video. It is important to note that this program does takes some time, so please return ALL of the information as soon as possible. Do keep in mind that we are unable to respond to emergency situations.