Forever Home Society

There is no better way to honor your pet than to help other animals who are less fortunate. By including Our Companions in your estate plans, you will become a member of our Forever Home Society, which will help us to fulfill our promise to help thousands of abused and neglected animals who have no other place to turn.

Giving is one of life’s greatest satisfactions, especially when you know that your gifts will improve the lives of deserving animals for generations to come.

More information is available in our Forever Home Society Brochure.

Our Companions Forever Home Society Members

Ms. Elizabeth Aaronsohn
Ms. Mary Jean Agostini
Mr. Doug and Mrs. Linda Andersen
Mr. George and Mrs. Charlene Atkins
Ms. Ora Avni
Mrs. Janet Bailey
Dr. George and Mrs. Jennifer Barrows
Mrs. Deborah Batten
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Nicole Baummer
Ms. Patricia Becker
Ms. Sheryll Bedingfield
Ms. Lisa Marie Bigelow
Ms. Diane Braunschweiger
Ms. Laurie Brennan and Ms. Connie Calderaro
Ms. Joan Oppelt Brodeur
Ms. Beverly Buckner-Baker
Ms. Lana Burchman
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Debbie Bushnell
Ms. Pamela Cabrera
Ms. Donna Canalis
Ms. Judith Caravati
Mr. John and Mrs. Tara Carey
Ms. Jennifer Coffey and Mr. David Vorchheimer
Ms. Pam Connelly*
Mr. James and Mrs. Jessica Couzens
Mrs. Carol Covello
Mr. Harry* and Mrs. Joan Curry
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Nancy Curtiss
Ms. Christina (Tina) Davies
Ms. June E. Day
Ms. Mary June Day *
Ms. Elizabeth DeGroat and Mr. Stuart Simon
Ms. Heather Dennis and Mr. Kevin Gillespie
Ms. Jean Deresienska
Ms. Lois Desmarais
Ms. Kathryn Diamond *
Mr. James Dolce
Ms. Claudette Douglas *
Ms. Terri LaPenta-Duffek and Mr. Mickey Duffek
Ms. Christine Durrer *
Ms. Karen A. Ellsworth
Ms. Karen Ericson
Ms. Barbara J. Erskine *
Mr. Rudy and Mrs. Cathy Fiorillo
Ms. Paula Fischer
Ms. Denice Fogel
Ms. Anna Maria Fornino
Mr. Ray and Mrs. Taryn Fredericksen
Mr. Marvin Fried
Ms. Valerie Friedman
Ms. Sue Gagnon and Mr. Ted Urbanski*
Lyn Garson
Ms. Michele Greaves and Mr. Joseph Popovitch
Mr. David Gregorski
Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Irma Gregory
Ms. Jackie Halpern
Ms. P. Hanmer
Ms. Susan Harrod and Mr. Dan Donahue
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Susan Hart
Ms. Harriet Hersh
Ms. Jane Hewitt
Ms. Kathie Hunter
Ms. Lisa Ireland *
Livia and George Jacobs
Ms. Sandra Jacobus
Mr. Randall and Mrs. Marie Joyner
Faye Kantz
Ms. Kathleen Kennedy
Ms. Dottie Kern
Ms. Leigh Ann Kissner
Ms. Jean Koepke
Mrs. Gretchen LaBau
Ms. Jayme Lamphere and Mr. Phuc Phan
Ms. Nancy Landwehr
Ms. Estelle Langlois
Ms. Mary Kathryn LaRose
Ms. Karen Laski
Ms. Doreen Legienza
Mr. Neil and Mrs. Janice Levett
Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Susan Linker
Ms. Anne Llewellyn
Ms. Carol Lowbeer
Ms. Mary Mansfield *
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Mason
Ms. Donna Matulis
Ms. Kathleen McDonald
Ms. Mari Merwin
Ms. Linda Mester
Ms. Lynette Michaud
Ms. Jacqueline Mickiewicz
Ms. Olevine (Lois) Morin
Ms. Nancy Nelson
Mr. Jaroslaw and Mrs. Elizabeth Nyczak
Mr. Len Oberg and in memory of Mrs. Diane Oberg
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Barbara Orsie
Ms. Lida Orzeck
Ms. Lily Ostovar
Ms. Nancy Parker
Ms. Erminia Pascucci
Ms. Sherri Pasquale-Cassidy
Mr. Stanley Pastuszak
Ms. Gail Perkins-Gemme
Mr. William and Mrs. Eleanor Peters *
Mr. Henry Petrofsky
Mrs. Penelope Petrone
Ms. Doris Phillips
Mrs. Kathie Pirolo
Ms. Patricia Plourde
Ms. Barbara Prine and Mr. Cyprian Martin
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Judith W.M. Prohaska
Ms. Rajeshwari Punekar
Ms. Sara Putnam
The Quinn Family Foundation
Ms. Dawn and Ms. Pam Quint
Ms. Cherie A. Ramsey
Mr. James and Mrs. Sheila Randall
Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Eileen Rau
Mrs. Marie Reshenk
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Gail Reynolds
Mr. Myles and Mrs. April Rich
Ms. June Roy
Ms. Barbara Ruben
Ms. Susan Smith Rubin
Ms. Juliane K. Sarkozy
Mr. Chris and Mrs. Vicki Saunders
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Cheryl Schaefer
Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Lisa-Jo Scibek
Mr. Dawson and Mrs. Randy Scott
Ms. Karen Scucchi-Carr
Mr. John and Mrs. Cathy Scuto
Ms. Lorraine Semnoski
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Chris* Shivery
Ms. Joanne Singer
Ms. Vi R. Smalley
Ms. Diane Smith
Ms. Joyce Snyder
Ms. Lisa St. Germain and Ms. Karen Beaulieu
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Patricia Starace
Ms. Christa Sterling
Mr. George and Mrs. Nancy Stimac
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Kathleen Sullivan
Ms. Ginny Tennison
Ms. Lynda Thornton
Mr. Ed Tino
Mr. Albert Toro
Ms. Gretchen Van Alstyne
Ms. Jamila Viandier
Mr. Jess and Mrs. Janet* Wagner
Mr. David and Mrs. Terry Walker
Ms. Ellen Warga
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Rita Weidman
Mr. Carl and Mrs. Sherry Wernicke
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Helen Wilke
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Kathleen Young
Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Kim Zimmermann