Feline Sanctuary Volunteer

Becoming a Feline Sanctuary Volunteer (currently full) provides companionship and care to the Sanctuary cats through socializing, interactive play, caregiving, and cleaning and grooming. These important interactions allow our cats to gain socialization and behavioral skills and comfort while at the Sanctuary awaiting their new homes.

Feline Tuck-In volunteers are responsible for the evening routine at our feline cottages. They must feed, provide supplements with dinner, clean litter boxes, some basic house cleaning like mopping, and best of all, spending time socializing and/or playing with our cats!
• feeding the cats (per written instructions for each cat's diet) at one cottage dinner and giving any evening supplements and pills (you will not ever have to use needles or pill a cat)
• cleaning up dishes for the next morning
• finishing up any laundry (folding) for the next morning
• interacting with the cats! biggest part of the shift - playing and cuddling or spending time socializing
• getting to work with some challenging cats
• knowing how to "close" the cottage in case you leave after staff (who are on campus until 8:30 PM)
• signing up in advance and committing to the shift, only cancelling when there are emergencies

Shifts start at 6 PM and end between 8-9 PM. Great for people working full time and looking for a rewarding way to relax in the evening. There is a staff person on campus but they move between the three buildings so you spend most of the time by yourself.