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To provide activity and socialization to the sanctuary dogs
through walking, interactive play, training, and cuddling. These important interactions allow our dogs to gain enrichment, behavioral skills, and comfort while at the sanctuary awaiting their new homes.


Heather Wildman


All volunteers must meet the cognitive and physical requirements to safely perform their tasks, work completely independently, follow verbal and written instructions, and effectively communicate with staff, other volunteers, and the public.

For safety purposes, volunteers under the age of 15 are not permitted to volunteer. Volunteers ages 15-17 may participate with the active and constant involvement of an adult parent/guardian. One guardian per child is required. Specific activities and allowances for minor volunteers will be determined for a guardian/minor team by staff.

Physical requirements:

  • Ability to tolerate dog fur, dander, scratches, bites
  • Ability to be exposed to possible zoonotic diseases
  • Ability to walk up to two miles
  • Ability to hold on to a leashed dog of minimum 40 pounds
  • Ability to work with dogs outdoors in various weather conditions

Training requirements:

  • Must be able to read and fully understand instructions and follow directions at all times
  • Must be able to understand and work with various types of dogs including dogs with illness and/or little to no training
  • Ability to follow and respect safety protocols
  • Ability to communicate with the volunteer manager via email/phone when necessary
  • Must have access to email

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Exercise and socialization with the dogs which includes interactive play, walking, training, and indoor interaction
  • Assist staff in light housekeeping duties
  • Keep a record of dog activities and any unusual medical or behavioral incidents via our Daily Report Sheet

Location of the job:

Ashford Sanctuary

Time commitment:

Requires at least one visit per month; weekly visits preferred

Dress code required:

  • No open-toed shoes, sandals or high heels.
  • Must wear sturdy shoes that are not easily removed from feet. Tread must be non‐slip.
  • No shorts‐Long pants only.
  • No dangling jewelry
  • Be aware that any clothes you wear run the risk of being damaged.
  • Do not wear your best clothes to your volunteer shift at the sanctuary

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