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Sanctuary Arrival Date

May 2024

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Persian cats Fred and Wilma’s owner sadly passed away and the pair was surrendered to their local municipal shelter. Both cats weren’t adapting well to this new environment and weren’t eating due to the stress. The animal control officer at the shelter reached out to Our Companions and we welcomed Fred and Wilma to our Sanctuary in May of 2024 so they can have a quiet, nurturing environment to feel safe and comfortable. Fred is all black and around 10 years old and Wilma is a tortie around 13 years old. Initially both cats were quite shy, but slowly started to acclimate to their new room and friends. Though Wilma started to come out of her shell first, Fred has now become more social over the last few months. He is very curious about what staff are doing around the cottage and often likes getting a bit into some mischief! Despite their age, both cats love to play and enjoy the attention from their friends at the Sanctuary! We hope to find a home for these two where they can enjoy life and be loved!