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Volunteer Application

  • We will be contacting you to discuss Our Companions and our Volunteer Program. Please check off the preferred communication method for our initial contact.
  • References

    Please provide a name and phone number of two references who are not relatives.
  • Volunteer Experience

  • In signing this application, I understand and agree to the following:

    I agree to attend all required training classes and to abide by the Volunteer Policies and Procedures as presented to me by Our Companions Animal Rescue. I give Our Companions permission to use photographs or video footage of my volunteer activities should it benefit the volunteer program or the organization. I understand that, as a volunteer, I may gain access to information about the organization, customers, or staff that is confidential. I agree to respect and maintain the confidentiality of all donors, customers, volunteers, staff, and other individuals working with Our Companions both on and offsite, during and out side of volunteer hours. I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and legally competent to execute this Volunteer Service Agreement and Release; or in the event that the volunteer is under the age of eighteen (18), that I am his/her parent or legal guardian and I am legally competent to execute this Volunteer Service Agreement and Release. I understand that Our Companions does not provide insurance or worker’s compensation coverage for me or my child.
  • If you are volunteering with a minor, please complete this section:

    I am volunteering with child under the age of 18 and have read and understand Our Companions policy on Minor Volunteers.