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Educational Resources

Pet Guardians, Welcome!

We invite you to explore articles on animal care, health and behavior.  Caring for our animal companions is a privilege and pleasure. But sometimes it can also be complicated and challenging.  We’ve compiled these articles published in our Magazine, Our Companions News to help you better understand animal related issues and make informed decisions on how to best care for your animal companion.

In addition to these articles, we have an Animal Helpline ready to assist you with any additional information, programs and resources.  Please contact us if needed.

Dog Resources

Dogs are our constant and loyal companions and often our best friends. So it’s only right that we honor them for all the joy and love they give us by understanding them and providing them with the best care possible.


Cat Resources

Cats are amazing, beautiful and complex creatures that add so much comfort, love and comedy to our lives.  However they are often understated and sometimes completely misunderstood. We hope you will gain some knowledge and perspective by visiting our feline resource section

Small Animal Resources

Animals like rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and other small animals make great companions. Each of these species has very specific needs and care requirements.   We invite you to learn more about these species so you can identify if one of these animals is right for you or help you better care for the special critter you currently have at home.


Other Related Topics

Learn the best ways to finding a pet sitter and how to cope when you have to say goodbye to a beloved companion.