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Animal Control Resources

Catherine Avalone/The Middletown Press Middletown and Animal Control Officer resident Gail Petras works with Ace, a 5 year old labrador retriever mix is up for adoption this week. Ace is neutered and will have all his shots at the time of adoption and is a well rounded canine who has lived with cats. The National Animal Control Association announced April 7 - 13 is National Animal Control Association Officer Appreciation Week, a national effort to celebrate and promote the continuing upgrade and professionalism of Animal Control. If you are interested in adopting Ace, call (860)344-3298.

The Adopt-A-Shelter Program

The Adopt-a-Shelter program provides local Animal Control Officers with evaluation, training and enrichment guidance and assistance for the dogs in their care. Our Companions Canine College Volunteers visit the dogs in the shelter and focus on training basic life skills, and providing the dogs with mental and physical enrichment. Their visits greatly help the dogs cope with their stay at the kennel and increase their adoptability while they wait for their new home.

Call Our Companion's Helpline at (860) 242-9999 or [email protected] or see below for program information:


 Adoption Assistance Program for Shelters

Our Companions offers an Adoption Assistance Program that works with shelters to help find a good homes for dogs and cats in your care as well as consider him/her for our Sanctuary as space becomes available. See below for program information:

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Quick Tips

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The Magic of Sit

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Rewarding Shy/Fearful Dogs   

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Rewarding Calm Kennel Behavior

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Entering and Exiting a Dog’s Kennel  

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Rewarding Calm Behavior Outside the Kennel    

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Adopt-a-Shelter Program  

Training Classes

The Our Companions Family Companion 1 class is offered at a reduced rate to dogs adopted from local municipal animal control shelters.

Dog & Cat Placement

Our rehoming program is available to animal control (and veterinary facilities) should they need additional assistance in finding a home for a cat or dog. Pets enrolled in the rehoming program are also considered for the Sanctuary as space allows.