Featured Pet: Sanctuary Senior Sweethearts

According to the ASPCA, November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, therefore it would only make sense to highlight the beauty of adopting a senior pet and feature our beautiful senior cats at our Sanctuary! The ASPCA reported that senior pets have a 25% adoption rate, compared to the 60% adoption rate of younger animals. It’s a sad fact that older animals are often overlooked for adoption because of their age and the likelihood that they don’t have much time left. Though that might be true compared to younger animals, the life expectancy of cats have continued to rise over the past few decades, now averaging to 15 years old in 2021. With the proper nutrition and vet care, cats can easily live in their high teens to early twenties with an indoor lifestyle. Overall, age shouldn’t determine life expectancy since the hard reality is that a cat’s passing could suddenly happen at any time, at any age. Instead, we encourage people to look at the benefits of helping a senior in need and the joy of giving them a warm, loving home during the remainder of their days.

With senior cats reaching their golden years, they already have established personalities, quirks, activity levels, and temperaments. Unlike kittens or young adults, their personalities or temperaments are still developing or might even change over time as they mature. Whereas a senior cat has already experienced some life to know if they like other pets, children, etc., and have more predictable personalities. You’ll know if the cat has a more independent style and would be okay being left alone for periods of time or prefer to have lots of attention and enrichment to feel satisfied.

Senior cats tend to have low activity levels, not requiring as much constant entertainment or play time. Don’t get it wrong though, many senior cats can still have a young heart and do enjoy the occasional play time or enrichment activity, but might not require as much as younger cats. As many kitten owners can attest to, senior cats certainly need less monitoring when in a home. They tend to distinguish between safe and dangerous situations and are able to understand, which we can’t always say the same for much younger cats who are still learning about the world.


Though it’s true that vet care might be more necessary as a cat gets older, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a senior cat would have extensive medical challenges. A Sanctuary senior sweetheart named Purl is 12 years old, with a clean bill of health and no known medical history. She sadly lost her only owner when they passed away, and with nowhere else to go, we welcomed her to the Sanctuary. Once settled in, she instantly warmed up to everyone that came to visit her and would even welcome them right at the door! She loves rubbing on your legs and rubbing her cheeks on your hand, insisting on love and pets! She loves to be brushed, enjoys the occasional play time, and simply just wants to be your one and only furbaby!

Wavy Gravy

Wavy Gravy also loves greeting his friends at the door, doing a fabulous job convincing you that he needs lots of pets and attention! At 11 years old, he still enjoys plenty of play time when he’s in the mood, but otherwise lap naps and being a cuddly boy fits him to a T! He will get overwhelmed with all the affection and do little “love nips”, but he’s easily redirected. He experienced a urinary blockage years ago, but has been doing well with his current care!


Like Rosie, Quentin is another Sanctuary senior sweetheart with a clean bill of health and no known medical issues! At 12 years old, he is often found hiding in his comfy nap spots, but if you wait patiently, your patience will soon be rewarded with cheek rubs and purrs! Quentin enjoys a quiet environment as the only pet and has thrived at our Sanctuary, making more and more friends each day! He loves sitting next to you, being a lovely companion, and will drool just to show you how much he loves you! He has played a little, but his needs are simple- a calm home with a person to adore him would keep Quentin’s heart full!


Elsie would also love a quiet home with a person to cherish her! This 12 year old girl is sweet, gentle, and kind. She can be nervous at first as she’s getting to know you, but once she trusts you, she can’t get enough of you! No lap is left unclaimed when Elsie is around! She’s had some medical ups and downs in her past, but is currently stable and doing very well. A lap and some snuggles will no doubt make Elsie a happy girl!


Wilfred and Kieko are also senior sweeties that have thrived at our Sanctuary given a quiet environment, some patience, and a place to call their very own. Wilfred, 15 years old, has had a difficult past and went through a lot before coming to our Sanctuary. She had to learn that people weren’t so scary and could actually be trusted. She even learned that pets from her friends actually feels good and she really likes it! She does have kidney disease and is on supplements to help with her health, but each day she continues to do well and would absolutely enjoy to spend her golden years in a home!


At 10 years old, Kieko has also found a safe place at our Sanctuary after going through a lot in her previous life. She’s an independent cat that has minimal needs, but has shown tremendous improvements with feeling more comfortable with people. She enjoys food puzzles and play time with feather toys, which is a wonderful way to bond with her and earn her trust! An only pet household in a quiet home would be purrrfect for Kieko!


A new senior sweetheart to the Sanctuary is Rosie! At 15 years old, she had only been living in one household prior to coming to the Sanctuary after her only owner decided to move and couldn’t take Rosie with her. Despite being new, Rosie has already started to feel comfortable with this new chapter! She’s starting to make new friends at the Sanctuary and even showing interest in playing and pets! She does have kidney disease, but it’s certainly not slowing her down with how playful she can be or how much she loves rubbing her face on you!

As you can see, we have so many wonderful cats that would love nothing more than a retirement home where they can be cherished and a person to call their own during their golden years! There is no comparison to the reward of giving a sweet soul unconditional love and a safe place to thrive and be happy! To learn more about any of our senior cats up for adoption, you can contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!