Wilfred 081622a


Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2021

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Wilfred, who is estimated to be around 17 years old came from a home where she lived with another sibling cat and an older single owner.  The sibling passed away several months before her owners condo was foreclosed on and she had to leave the property.  The owner notified the local animal control officer who was able to trap Wilfred and get her to a vet where it was discovered that she needed some medical care. Wilfred was signed over to animal control at this point and after some medical care joined the Sanctuary in late June.

Current Status:

Wilfred has been doing pretty good with her appetite lately, eating most meals and meds. She hasn’t been under her couch as often either and is spotted in her window bed more now, which is a good sign. She has been continuously coming out for people for pets, brushing, and treats which we are all happy about. She has her very own catnip plant that she gets to sniff and eat, and has her favorite volunteers that spend extra time with her.