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Wavy Gravy 2022

Wavy Gravy

Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2020

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Wavy came from a home where he had lived with another cat for seven years in a relationship best described as tolerable. He’s had numerous urinary issues over the years with stress likely being a contributing factor in his health problems.  In April 2020, Wavy and his long time roommate had a disagreement of an irreconcilable nature and the two had to remain separated from them on. Numerous attempts at reintroductions failed and the owner felt for everyone’s benefit, Wavy needed to find a new home of his own where he could relax and just enjoy a more carefree life.  At nine years old, Wavy has joined the Sanctuary in 2020 to enjoy his own space and to receive the medical care he needed for his urinary issues.

Throughout the years, Wavy Gravy loved all the attention from his friends the Sanctuary. He was incredibly food motivated and staff loved working on food puzzles and clicker training with him! He would be very affectionate, but sometimes could be a bit nippy from being pet too much. It seemed like he loved rubbing his face and petting you, then the other way around! He especially loved his lap time with his friends; purring up a storm knowing he was the center of attention! Given his past urinary issues and quirky personality, finding a home for Wavy Gravy was a bit of a challenge. Still, we were determined to show how lovable, adoring, and social this boy is to his friends!

However, in the last year, his health took a turn for the worst and staff noticed his appetite decreased and he was experiencing consistent vomiting episodes. After running numerous tests, he eventually was diagnosed with a GI disease and received daily meds and a prescription diet to help. He had no issues with his medication and continued to do well, spending his days playing with his cat nip toys and lounging in the sun. Then, his health took a turn for the worse again. He started to lose weight, lethargic, and wasn’t acting like his usual perky self. Despite medical intervention, his health was still failing and he were worried we would lose him.

After another round of blood work, Wavy was then diagnosed with diabetes. Our Cat Team then started to administer insulin and even monitored his levels with an attached glucose meter to check on their phones when needed. Eventually, Wavy did so well on his insulin that he went into remission and no longer needed insulin. Staff keep close observation on his appetite, respiratory rate, and mood to ensure he’s getting the best quality care or needs further medical intervention. Even volunteers have noticed he’s been acting like the same old Wavy Gravy we remember and love! It’s been a roller coaster, but we’re so grateful to be on this ride to help Wavy Gravy feel healthy and happy!