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Wavy Gravy

Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2020

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Background Story:

Wavy came from a home where he had lived with another cat for seven years in a relationship best described as tolerable.  He’s had numerous urinary issues over the years with stress likely being a contributing factor in his health problems.  In April 2020 Wavy and his long time roommate had a disagreement of an irreconcilable nature and the two had to remain separated from them on.  Numerous attempts at reintroductions failed and the owner felt for everyone’s benefit Wavy needed to find a new home of his own where he could relax and just enjoy a more carefree life.  At nine years old Wavy has joined the Sanctuary to begin his search.

Current Status:

He has been happy to spend most of his day enjoying the outside heat on his catio. Once in a while, his neighbor Ralph spies on him from his catio which can bother Wavy. Wavy will come inside when he hears staff of volunteers enter. He still enjoys lap sitting with his loud purr!

Adoption Info:

Meet 6 year old handsome Wavy Gravy. He’s looking for his forever home to be the only pet to receive all the lap time he wants and lots of playtime. He has a good appetite and enjoys being around people. If you think Wavy may be a purrfect fit in your home contact michelle@ourcompanions.org or 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

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