Kieko (13)


Sanctuary Arrival Date

January 2021

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Kieko was adopted into a home where there were several other cats. A very shy and fearful girl herself, this home was not a good fit for her personality or needs, so her previous owners decided to rehome her. Because of her behavior issues and history of shyness, she got her own room at Jane’s Place and is taking plenty of time to settle in to her new situation. She has been diagnosed as having heartworm disease.

Current Status:

Our shy girl Keiko has been becoming much more comfortable out and about in her room. She has especially become out to play for staffer Kelsie who we believe is quite the cat whisperer! Keiko has been caught having hilarious zoomies in her room! She has become a fan of a lazer pointer because other toys have either been too intimidating or not interesting enough. Watching her zoom around, batting at the little red dot has been an adorable sight! She will also jump up on the couch to rub against or sit with staff. We don’t believe she is quite ready for hands on snuggles, but she is getting there!