Kieko 012222a


Sanctuary Arrival Date

January 2021

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Background Story:

Kieko was adopted into a home where there were several other cats. A very shy and fearful girl herself, this home was not a good fit for her personality or needs, so her previous owners decided to rehome her. Because of her behavior issues and history of shyness, she got her own room at Jane’s Place and is taking plenty of time to settle in to her new situation. She has been diagnosed as having heartworm disease.

Current Status:

Kieko continues to surprise people with how much more affectionate she is and how she allows more pets now! She still loves to play with the wire mouse toy, but her cuddling has increased a lot. On nice days, staff will open her catio door for her, even though she hasn’t ventured too far out there yet, she loves to sit on her scratcher chair and listen to the birds and smell the fresh air.

Adoption Info:

Kieko is a beautiful 11 year old female calico looking for a quiet home with someone that has patience and time to allow her to settle in and continue to come out of her shell. She is looking for someone that understands and respects her boundaries and allow her to come around at her pace. Kieko needs to be the only pet in the home as she would like to be the queen of her castle and have all the focus on her. If you think you could be this beautiful girls forever home contact [email protected] or 860-242-9999 ext. 302.

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