Family Companion 3 (Group Walk)

A group walk that allows graduates of the Family Companion 2 class to develop further and put their new and improved social skills to practice outside in the real world. This class is by invite only.  Each week is held at a different location within approximately 30 minutes of the program center. So you and your dog can find some favorite new walking spots.

We start each session with a skill review and then go for a group walk. Owners get to practice and apply the skills they have worked so hard to develop in class, while learning to communicate better with their dogs. The dogs get to take in the smells of a whole new environment, while learning coping skills to overcome their reactivity. Afterwards everyone can go home and relax, because a tired dog is a happy dog!

This is for dogs that have completed Family Companion 1 and Family Companion 2 and have been invited to join.  Family Companion 3 – Group Walk will run for six weeks. The cost is $37.50 plus tax.

Upcoming Family Companion 3 classes
This class is by invite only please email [email protected] for more information.