Polite Loose Leash Walking


Polite Loose Leash Walking 

A four week course all about improving the connection between you and your dog for more on-leash outing fun. Topics covered include: how to prevent pulling on leash; what to do when your dog reacts; reducing stress in new environments and leash management tools. This class is for dogs and owners who have completed Family Companions I. Dog must be able to work with their pet guardians in visual sight of other dogs and people.  If you are unsure whether your dog will be successful please contact Deanna at  [email protected].

Classes will be held at the Our Companions Program Center in Manchester. All Our Companions Behavior Programs follow a Pay-What-You-Can System, where clients can adjust the price of classes based on what they are willing and able to pay. The suggested price for this class is $95. 

Upcoming Polite Loose Leash Walking Classes:

Monday September 18, 2023 6:30 pm