Cooperative Care Foundations

Cooperative Care Foundations

Annika Nail Trim

Cooperative Care Foundations

Cooperative Care includes procedures and behaviors necessary for your dog’s health and well-being. This can include grooming, nail trims, administering eye and ear drops, and general health checks. The goal is for your dog to learn to participate in their own care willingly and create a positive association with welfare.

This is an introductory class focussing on the following foundational skills: 

  • Establish consent by doing things WITH our dogs, not TO our dogs
  • Build safe, predictable, and calm environments to perform cooperative care
  • Introduce commonly used husbandry equipment
  • Practice games and skills focusing on communication and consent

Dogs will be working in their own ex-pen with other dogs and people in the training environment. Dogs will not be required to leave the ex-pen and will have a consistent visual barrier If you are unsure whether your dog will be successful, contact [email protected].

Each class will be 45 minutes in length and will be held at the Valerie Friedman Program Center in Manchester, CT.

All Our Companions Behavior Programs follow a Pay-What-You-Can System, where clients can adjust the price of classes based on what they are willing and able to pay. The suggested price for this class is $95. 

Upcoming Class Dates

  • Tuesday January 23, 2024 6:30 pm

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