Wynken October 2023 (1)


Sanctuary Arrival Date

September of 2023

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At 4 months old, Wynken, along with her brother Blynken, arrived to our Sanctuary from a local municipal shelter. The two were a part of a larger litter in a previous home that were all adopted out, however Blynken (more white fur on his face) and Wynken (more brown/black fur on her face) are much more under-socialized and have had a difficult time getting adopted. Our Companions was contacted by the municipal shelter to hopefully give them a more quiet, nurturing environment to become more socialized and happy. They arrived in September of 2023.

Current Status:

Wynken is definitely the outgoing one of the pair, but is still pretty fearful of people and noises. Staff will sit outside their door with it cracked open and toss a wand toy around for them, and he comes out almost immediately to play- which is great! He doesn’t shy away as much as Blynken so maybe he’ll be a good support system for her. Staff is also working on more frequent and shorter visits, such as going in and putting down a treat and leaving. This is helping them become more familiar with people entering and exiting their room, but not staying too long to overwhelm them.