Blynken, along with her brother Wynken, arrived to our Sanctuary from a local municipal shelter. The two were part of a larger litter in a previous home that were all adopted out, however Blynken (white and gray) and Wynken (black and white) were much more under-socialized and had a difficult time getting adopted. Our Companions was contacted by the municipal shelter to hopefully give them a quieter, more nurturing environment to become more socialized and happy. They arrived in September of 2023 at 4 months old.

Blynken is no longer the shyer of the pair, she comes over for treats just as quickly now as Wynken does! Staff are now able to pet both of them on the head and they come up to people curiously for feeding times and playtime. The Cat Team uses an x-pen from the entrance of their room to the hallway to give them more room to play, but also to provide more exposure to people walking around the cottage. They’ve become more curious and comfortable with the presence of different people, while still having their boundaries respected.

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