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Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2023

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At 4 months old, Blynken, along with his sister Wynken, arrived to our Sanctuary from a local municipal shelter. The two were a part of a larger litter in a previous home that were all adopted out, however Blynken and Wynken are much more under-socialized and have had a difficult time getting adopted. Our Companions was contacted by the municipal shelter to hopefully give them a more quiet, nurturing environment to become more socialized and happy. They arrived in September of 2023.

Current Status:

Blynken is still the shyer of the pair, but she has become comfortable enough to come out to eat and play with humans at a distance. Staff has started sitting outside their door and playing with a wand toy with them in their room and they have a blast! Blynken will quickly retreat back to her cat tree if she hears a noise but recovers quickly and comes back out.