Cider 091523a


Sanctuary Arrival Date

September 2023

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Cider was diagnosed with diabetes at around 7 years old in her previous home and it went untreated for about a year. Her health significantly declined during that time where she became unable to walk and had severe mats in her fur. Her previous owner decided to euthanize her, however the vet felt that Cider could be saved and given another chance at life. The vet contacted Our Companions for assistance and we welcomed Cider to our Sanctuary at 8 years old.

Current Status:

Cider is doing great here with us at the Sanctuary. She recently had surgery to remove her benign neck lump/tumor that made her really uncomfortable. She now wears a red sweater so she doesn’t bother the incision while it heals. And she looks too cute wearing it! She seems like a much happier girl now that that’s gone, and is eating very well. She’ll come out for brief sniffs and pets with staff, and enjoys light playtime with quieter toys under her cat tree.