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Chevelle 011822c


Sanctuary Arrival Date

November 2021

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Trapped as part of a feral colony project, the vet and trapper noticed that she didn’t seem to respond to noises around her. Realizing that she is unable to hear they didn’t feel it was safe to return her to the colony to live outside.  The trapper had kept her in a temporary cage until she was able to join the Sanctuary in November. She is estimated to be around 2 years old and very shy and timid around people right now.

Current Status:

Chevelle is quite comfortable in her own room, but she likes to explore the other accessible rooms during the evening time. Her best friend Ren naps and plays with her which has helped her come around to people tremendously! She enjoys coming out for head butts and pets, but her favorite relaxation spot is her window bed behind her curtain.