June Low Cost Veterinary Wellness Clinic

In early June, we held another low cost veterinary wellness clinic at our Valerie Friedman Program Center in Manchester. Though this isn’t our first time hosting a pop up clinic at our Program Center, each event is always different as we get to meet new people and their amazing pets! Our June clinic brought about quite the variety of pets- large breeds, small breeds, short hair, long hair, adorable adolescents, and sweet seniors! Despite many of our clients being quite different, one thing was for sure- they left healthier and well-cared for!

Each furry patient had a wellness exam and a nail trim, but immunizations were also administered, like rabies and distemper, and even parasite treatments. SNAP tests were conducted for most patients and blood was taken for further testing for some of our senior clients.  For being such awesome patients, we offered lots of freebies for them to take home! This included interactive wand toys, beds, balls, grooming gloves, poop bags, leashes, dishes, and much more!

While our canine clients were waiting for their appointment, we welcomed them to our training room where Canine College Head Trainer and Family Paws Parent Educator, Beth Vincent (CPDT-KA and FPPE), was there. Beth discussed with dog owners about positive-reinforcement training, enrichment, and any behavior-related questions or concerns. The dogs had fun while they waited and their owners enjoyed learning more about their dogs! Our Canine College training classes and Helpline contact were offered for further assistance and support!

With every pet seen at our clinics, additional vet care is provided with our assistance per the vet’s recommendations, like dental work or following up visits in an actual vet hospital. We’re thankful we can provide low cost care to our community clients and follow up support for their pet’s wellbeing and health. Many clients expressed their gratitude for this service, one in particular noted this was the most at ease her dog has been when seeing the vet. This year marks four years we’ve been able to provide vet care at a discounted cost and we look forward to many more to come!