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Sanctuary Arrival Date

July 2022

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Arya is a 7 year old spayed female purebred Pug, and comes to us from a home where she was loved and well cared for, but an illness in the family made it hard for them to accommodate her diabetes. Arya was diagnosed with diabetes at the beginning of the New Year.

Current Status:

Arya has had multiple health challenges in her short time with us. She came to us very underweight, and was diagnosed with Giardia during her first vet appointment. We are finally seeing improvement in her weight, and she is steadily gaining towards a normal weight. Arya also has had significant eye issues for which we have an ophthalmologist appointment scheduled to discuss removing one of her eyes due to glaucoma. That will be happening sometime this fall. Her glucose has also proved to be hard to regulate, so we will be doing more monitoring of her glucose levels via a sensor that is mounted on her back. With modern technology what it is, we can now scan her monitor and send that data directly to our veterinarian for interpretation. Despite her health issues Arya is a joy to be around, and is a constant favorite of both our staff and volunteers.