Gumbo 4-11-22 d


Sanctuary Arrival Date

May 2022

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Gumball comes to us from another rescue where he was in a foster home but didn’t get along with one of the dogs there. Gumball is diabetic and correspondingly has low vision. Gumball’s story is a sad one. He was originally from North Carolina and was thrown off of a bridge. Luckily he survived the fall and was rescued. He may have some brain damage from the fall, and he was found to be diabetic during his aftercare at the vet. We are so happy to have him, and to help him heal. He’s a very sweet neutered male pitbull mix who is about 4 years old.

Current Status:

Gumball is feeling much better since he’s arrived at the Sanctuary. We have treated his parasites and his glucose is under better control. He’s not gaining as much weight as we would like despite his frequent meals and his ravenous appetite. We are hoping he just needs time now that his blood sugar is stabilized to put on some weight. His eye sight also seems to be improved now that his glucose has stabilized, and he’s loving his walks in the cooler weather. He still can get a bit over zealous about food seeking, but the staff and volunteers are finding ways to work around his obsession.