Khloe 043022


Sanctuary Arrival Date

April 2022

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Khloe comes to us from a boarding kennel where she was surrendered when her owner could no longer care for her. To the best of our knowledge she had always lived with him. Khloe is 8 or 9 years old, and is a boxer mix, although we have a DNA test pending to find out more about her heritage. Regardless of breed Khloe is the sweetest thing on 4 paws.

Current Status:

Khloe just had surgery to remove a large lipoma from behind her front leg. It was in an area where if it got larger it could have impeded her movement. She’s recovered nicely from the surgery and now just needs a dental done. She’ll soon be looking for her new home, a cat test will soon be done because in the kennel she didn’t care about them. She’s a hard player with dogs, so she’s best as an only dog.