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Champion 3-18-22 e


Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2022

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Champion originally came from another local rescue after having been transported to CT from the south. He started having behavior issues while he was settling into her home, and because this was her first dog, she mistakenly started training him using correction-based methods. He also went to a doggie boot camp, which only made his leash reactivity issues worse. The owner started to experience increased anxiety with Champion’s size and management around other dogs. She also changed jobs and could no longer provide Champion the attention and training he needed to thrive. She did bring him to our training class and he was a star pupil! Once we had an opening, we welcomed Champion to our Sanctuary in 2022 at 4 years old.

Champion has been thriving at our Sanctuary learning new ways of interacting in the world where he’s rewarded for all of the good decisions he makes. He absolutely loves making friends with humans and can be such a couch hog given his size! He can still be very prey-driven on his walks, but our amazing staff have continued to enrich his walks with other activities that Champion can focus on rather than crazy critters. Prior to his arrival, Champion did have surgery from a broken leg and recently he seemed to have reinjured his back end area given he was favoring one leg than the other. We are consulting an Orthopedic Vet, as well as physical therapy and Adaquan injections, to help alleviate his pain and muscular changes. Champion has brought many smiles to our staff and volunteers and we look forward to helping him on his journey!