Featured Pets: Dylan & Jett

Dylan and Jett both lived outside for the first few months of their lives. They were initially being fed by a neighbor with their feral mother, but then the pair of kittens were trapped and began being fostered in hopes to provide them a chance at socialization with people. After a couple months of living indoors, the foster reached out to Our Companions for more information on socialization, as well as assistance to find them a home. We were more than happy to learn more about the two and help them start the next chapter of their lives!

The first few weeks, and even months, of a kitten’s life is very crucial to their development and socialization, particularly with living inside amongst people. When Dylan, the gray boy, and Jett, the female tuxedo, were brought indoors, they were understandably very shy and nervous. This new world was very new to them, but thankfully their fosters made sure to be patient and give them the time and positive human experiences they needed to start trusting and bonding with people. Naturally, the brother and sister pair really took to one of the adult cats in the home and would even rub up on her!

One thing that really helped the kittens flourish was play time! Playing and having fun with their toys providing a positive experience with their humans! Whether its crinkly toys, balls with bells, feather wands, Dylan and Jett enjoyed them all! One of their favorite toys is a frog that croaks, which they go crazy for! As they become more comfortable with their environment and gain confidence within themselves, Dylan and Jett began to approach their people, even asking for pets and affection!

Dylan and Jett are now a little over a year old and continuing to thrive! They’re curious, sweet, playful, and kind and would love to flourish with a family of their very own! They enjoy playing with each other and with their friends, then the siblings curl up and cuddle! Though they need lots of time to settle in, there is nothing more than rewarding than gaining the trust and love of these two! They are sure to give you plenty of laughs and bring you joy for being able to care for such two lovely cats! To learn more about Dylan and Jett, please contact our Helpline at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!

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