If you’re looking for a big, loveable snuggle buddy, Tucker is IT! This 6-year-old pitbull wants to be the center of your universe – he’ll go on hikes with you, play fetch, and be your very best friend! Tucker is a smart cookie and graduated our level 1 training at the top of his class! He also participates in our Buddy Project program, with youth at risk for school failure. He absolutely loves spending time with the teenagers in the program!

Tucker has had quite a journey in his 6 years. His original owners had adopted him when he was a young dog. After a few years, they had become empty nesters and wanted more freedom to travel, so they decided to find Tucker a new home. Through our re-homing program, we helped find Tucker his new family. They absolutely adored him. Unfortunately, overtime he became increasingly cat and critter aggressive, which was causing problems in the home. It broke his family’s hearts, but they decided it would be best to send him back to us and live at the Sanctuary.

Tucker has made lots of friends here, and has been doing so well with his training! He also gets to go on field trips with some of his favorite people, and loves getting out to go see more of the world. His favorite thing to do is chase his Kong balls in the play yards! A fenced-in yard is his happy place, so he definitely requests that his new home has one. He also requests that he be the only pet.

Want to learn more about this handsome guy? Please call 860-242-9999 ext. 302 or email Daryl@OurCompanions.org.