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Ripley 061919b


Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2019

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Background Story:

When the property owner went to check on his apartment after his tenant passed away, he discovered one very valuable item had been left behind- his cat Ripley. Painfully shy and afraid, Ripley did his best to hide from the property owner. Unsure of what to expect from this unknown cat the owner decided to trap Ripley for his trip to the vet. At about 3 years old- this was likely Ripley’s first trip to the vet for his neuter and vaccines before heading to the Sanctuary.

Current Status:

Ripley was recently moved to a new larger room that has a catio for him to enjoy some fresh outside air. He is still in training learning to use the cat flap but he has successfully adjusted to his new room without blinking an eye. Often heard running around playing in his room in the morning he has done a great job learning to interact better with his small circle of visitors and friends.

Adoption Info:

Ripley dares you to find a more strikingly handsome boy as he knows there’s no one more dapper than him. This young gentleman is seeking a cat savvy person who knows how to speak cat well. He’s coming more and more out of his shell, eats great, has impeccable litter box habits but can get nervous at times with environmental stimulation. He’s seeking a quiet home with no other pets or young children so he can continue to flourish and show his adorable sweet side. If you think you could be his forever family, contact or 860-242-9999 ext. 302

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