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Sanctuary Arrival Date

June 2019

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Background Story:

When the property owner went to check on his apartment after his tenant passed away, he discovered one very valuable item had been left behind- his cat Ripley. Painfully shy and afraid, Ripley did his best to hide from the property owner. Unsure of what to expect from this unknown cat the owner decided to trap Ripley for his trip to the vet.
At about 3 years old- this was likely Ripley’s first trip to the vet for his neuter and vaccines before heading to the Sanctuary.

Current Status:

Frozen in fear upon his arrival, Ripley has started to relax slightly. And while he still hides most of the time in his closet or cardboard box, he has started to move more freely around his room and come out to lounge on the couch or chair when no one is around. Once he accomplishes his first goal of becoming more comfortable in his new “home” his next goal will be losing a few pounds- weighing in at over 17 (and no, not all muscle) pounds.