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Adoption Update – Quincy

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Quincy’s story is one that truly shows the positive impact our Sanctuary has on animals in need. You may think of “animals in need” as only those who have medical issues, disabilities, etc. But in addition to those animals, we also care for animals who are extremely shy and scared, and need lots of patience and love to help them learn to trust.

Quincy was found as part of a feral colony, and was taken in by a woman who wanted to give him a loving home. After a lot of hard work on her part, she and Quincy bonded like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately she had to enter assisted living after a few years, and that’s when Quincy came to us.

It took him a very long time to adjust to his new living situation, and for a while, he would just hiss at anyone who would enter. Over time, he slowly started to become more comfortable around people. But it took a lot of patience. Volunteers would sit on the floor in his room, very quiet and still, to allow Quincy to get comfortable with their presence. Slowly, he started to peek out of his hiding spot, and then he started investigating visitors with careful sniffs. The next step was allowing gentle pets, and then finally, after many months, he would sit on anyone’s lap who came to visit him! His transformation was almost unbelievable – he was a completely different cat from when he arrived!

We knew it would take some time to find this special boy his forever family. They would have to be understanding about his past, and patient with his transition into his new home. So we were so incredibly excited when his special someone came along!

Quincy went home about 8 months ago, and we are so happy about how well he has adjusted. To everyone’s surprise, he was out and social right away! We have gotten plenty of updates from his new family letting us know how well he’s doing, including lots of adorable pictures! Looks like he has a new favorite pose…

It’s clear that his mom is completely enamored by this handsome guy 🙂 “He’s just beyond adorable!  I couldn’t have asked for a better cat. He’s my little buddy and we love hanging out with eachother!  He is so handsome!  I can’t stand it!!!!  He’s such a cuddle bug and night time snuggler!!!  He’s so loved!  He’s the best.  I tell him all the time that I’m happy he waited for me to adopt him.  He’s the sweetest and just want him to be the happiest he’s ever been. He lets me pick him up and he’ll hang out with me purring for about 5 minutes.  He’ll even let me bring him upstairs when it’s time for bed!  He’s such a joy! I just knew he was special when I met him!”