Featured Pet: Clawdia

Sweet Clawdia was originally part of a community cat colony, being fed and cared for by a local caretaker. The caretaker noticed Clawdia wasn’t looking too good and worried about her health. Clawdia was underweight and very dehydrated. The caretaker contacted a volunteer that was familiar with trapping feral cats and having them seen by the vet, before returning them to their natural habitat. It was soon discovered that Clawdia was actually a friendly stray, seeking attention and affection from people! The volunteer was determined to help her off the streets and get her the medical help she needed. After some medical tests were conducted, Clawdia was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which is caused by an increase in production of thyroid hormones. Given her medical needs and special situation, Our Companions stepped in and invited this cutie to the Sanctuary!

With treatment, Clawdia’s health began to improve with the right medications and care. She was about 8 years old, which is considered middle-age for a cat. The team started to consider whether Radioiodine Therapy would be a great option for Clawdia. Radioiodine Therapy, also known as Radiocat, is a treatment option for cats with hyperthyroidism that can completely eliminate thyroid tumors and returns the thyroid function to normal usually within a month, leaving no tissue or organ damage. Undergoing this treatment, Clawdia would no longer need medication or surgery for her condition. Though it can be expensive, in the long-run, it’s more cost effective than medication, especially considering the longevity of the cat’s life. Thankfully, Our Companions was given a grant to help pay for Clawdia’s Radiocat treatment and the Cat Team got to work to help with Clawdia’s care!

After her Radiocat treatment, Clawdia started to slowly recover and we were grateful to hear that the treatment was a huge success! Throughout all of her medical assessments, one thing always stayed true- Clawdia loved sitting in laps! She would claim your lap as soon as you sat down, getting comfortable and cozy! She loves being petted and being told how absolutely gorgeous she is, which is easy for us to do! You might even catch her drooling from happiness! It’s hard for her to sometimes leave your lap, so you better get ready for the long haul! One thing you should definitely know about Clawdia is that she’s quite the chatterbox! She loves greeting her friends with a sweet hello and telling them all about her day!

This calm, kind girl would appreciate a quiet home so she can rest and relax with her people! She would prefer to be your one and only furbaby to receive all the love and affection! In turn, she will give you lots of kisses to say “thank you”! At around 9 years old, Clawdia truly makes the perfect companion! To learn more, please contact Our Companions at 860-242-9999 or email [email protected]!