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Adoption Update: Leo

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Finding out through the grapevine, a woman learned about Leo and his sad situation. His owners were moving and they were planning on leaving Leo behind, completely abandoned at the home. The woman and her family knew they needed to step in and help this poor boy who had no one to care for him. Without hesitation, the woman agreed to bring Leo home and give him the physically and mental care he desperately needed.

Just by the look of Leo, it was apparent he was neglected and not cared for. At 4 years old, his whole body was full of mats and he was barely able to see due to his overgrown fur covering his eyes. The mats were so terrible, he was too sensitive to the touch due to the irritation. When she brought him to the vet, bloodwork revealed that he also had Lyme disease, which also attributed to his body sensitivity and tenderness. Not only was Leo experiencing physical discomfort, but he was also quite shy and fearful, particularly towards men. The woman was determined to help Leo through all of these obstacles. After a round of antibiotics and a clean shave from the vet, Leo was already feeling a lot better! The woman’s husband began to slowly build a relationship with Leo, giving him the patience and space he needed to trust in his new friend. They ultimately became best buds and Leo started to show his sweet, affectionate side to his new friends! After months of consistent, intensive care, Leo started to become a brand new dog- totally unrecognizable from the matted, scared dog he once was!

The family also had another dog that Leo really liked, but sadly the dog wasn’t too appreciative of sharing her home! After trying to integrate the dogs together, she finally realized that her own dog needed to be an only pet. She tried to find an appropriate home for Leo, but she was worried she didn’t have the experience or resources to find the home Leo needed. She invested so much love and time in Leo, she wanted to make sure his next person would continue giving him the life he deserved. She reached out to Our Companions for help and we welcomed Leo into our Rehoming Program, where pets reside in a home while we utilize our resources to search for a perfect match!

At this time, we actually already had a lovely applicant that was waiting to adopt a dog through us. We didn’t have a match for her when she submitted her application, so she agreed to wait until we found a dog that seemed like a perfect fit! She lived alone in a quiet home with no other pets or children. She was hoping to find a small dog to devote her love and attention to. We had a meet and greet with everyone as we went over Leo’s journey and needs. After a home visit and further discussions of his care, everyone agreed that this was a match made in heaven!

During our follow up conversations with Leo’s mom, you can just feel all the love she has for him! He’s been acclimating so well to the neighborhood and loves sleeping in bed in his blankets! We enjoy all the pictures she sends to us, especially the ones right after he visits the groomer! After only a week, Leo’s adopter told us, “Thanks so much for thinking of me — it’s amazing you can love so instantly  — I believe I did not rescue him — he has rescued me!  Please tell his foster mom he is doing great!”

She continues to say, “Leo and I are doing very well!  He is such a love and a good boy!  Likes to greet everyone me meet on our walks and has settled into our schedule!  We had our first play date with my dear friend and her Luke – he had such a good time!  We are doing the training classes and Leo is great!  What a gem of a dog!!”

Our hearts are so full to hear of Leo’s new life! Thank you to the people that stepped in and was devoted to giving Leo the care he needed. He is now experiencing an enriched life with someone that loves him unconditionally! Stories like these certainly fill our hearts with such joy! We can’t wait to hear what lovely Leo is up to next!