Brooke 050918 from Sharon F.


Sanctuary Arrival Date

April 17, 2018

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Background Story:

Brooke was born in Afghanistan and was brought to a rescue in the region with her mother and baby sister when she was just one month of age. Her mom and sister didn’t make it, but survivor Brooke has grown into a beautiful girl thanks to the TLC from that rescue. Brooke is now 3 years old, and has been in the US for two years. She started in foster care in Virginia, and then made her way to a wonderful family in CT. They loved her, but their border collie did not, so Brooke joined us at the Sanctuary.
Brooke can run like the wind, leap small buildings and is super smart and loves her people. She can be selective with other dogs, but she has lived with dogs in the past. She loves to jump up on people and to give them her now famous Brooke hug, something we try to discourage, but at the same time she’s hard to deny when you are one of her favorite people.

Current Status:

Brooke has been learning new training skills as she works mainly with our staff during the Covid-19 restrictions. We have a new training plan in place where she’s learning new training games and how to apply them out in the world while on some social distancing walks. She’s making great progress!

Adoption Info:

Meet Brooke! She is a 3-year old Sight Hound who made her way to Our Companions by way of Afghanistan. Brook is a regal and sleek beauty, who can by shy upon an initial meeting. Once you've gained her trust, this independent gal will be a loyal and steadfast companion. You do have to be mindful of her space, but she will prompt you for a belly rub or a chin scratch by leaning right up against you. She requires a fenced yard as she is always on the lookout for anything on the move - squirrels, birds or leaves. Once she has had her walk, she is relaxed indoors, and loves to stretch out on a couch or the floor. Brooke would like an adult-only home, without other dogs or cats. If interested in meeting this sweet and perceptive gal, please contact or 860-242-9999 ext.302.

Special Requirements:

No cats. No children. No other dogs.

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