Aggie 092322


Sanctuary Arrival Date

August 2014

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Aggie was one of three puppies that we’ve ever welcomed to our Sanctuary. She was adopted to what we hoped would be her forever home in 2013. Due to health challenges facing both the humans and another dog in the home, Aggie returned to us just over a year later in 2014, a little over a year old. It turned out that Aggie wasn’t well socialized in her new home. When she came to us, she found the fact that we did things differently than she was used to very unsettling, and we found ourselves with a very anxious, stressed dog. It’s been a long process with her since she returned; working out a routine that works for her. Simple things such as the noise of tires on gravel or a horse walking down the road can cause her to be aggressive even towards people she knows. Shiny objects, such as iPads or the reflection of her food bowl, can cause her a lot of stress. We always make sure we have duplicates of the one food bowl type she will eat from that are Aggie’s only! She walks with a muzzle on because of the unpredictability of what may stress her out, which she does not mind at all. She feels more comfortable with it on, and it keeps both her and her friends safe when having fun outside.

Over the years, we’ve been able to figure out what makes Aggie a happy girl, though she loves keeping us on our toes! Her biggest joys include a very predictable schedule- doing trail walks in the morning, sunbathing in the afternoon, and cuddles immediately when she wants them from her friends! Whatever Princess Aggie wants, she gets! We’ve been able to work out a way to introduce her to new people too, though she takes a while to fully accept them in her circle. We recently celebrated her 10th birthday in 2023 with cake and lots of presents! We’re grateful to provide her a lifestyle that keeps her happy, stable, and fulfilled!