Adoption Update: Yetti

Our Helpline received a call in Fall of 2021 from a person seeking assistance with her young cats. One of our amazing Helpline volunteers responded to their call and received more information about the situation. The person was having issues with the cats in their home; her young pair of cats were too rambunctious for her other two senior cats. Due to the stress, one senior cat in particular started to exhibit potty accidents and now the person was considering our Rehoming Program for the younger cats. We offered recommendations and resources to try and save the home, but after continuous conversations, the person made the decision that one of the younger cats needed to be rehomed. Despite the two younger kittens being littermates, one all white and one all black, the person relayed to us that they didn’t get along. The white cat in particular seemed to be the investigator and soon after, Yetti was entered into our Rehoming Program.

As soon as Yetti entered our Rehoming Program and we ended up having an open space at our Ashford Sanctuary, we quickly invited Yetti given his conflicting situation. When he arrived in February of 2022, much to our surprise, he was riding loost in the back seat of the car! As we grabbed a carrier, his owner just opened the back door and grabbed him to walk-in! During his first few days, Yetti was a bit on edge being immersed into this new environment. But after a few short days, he really started to relax, become more comfortable with people, the routine, and would be quite playful!

Given his white, fluffy stature and piercing eyes, he was certainly quite a handsome, stoic cat! But under all that fluff was just a boy that wanted to play! He would constantly go after wand toys, balls, food puzzles, and so much more! Knowing how smart and fun-loving he is, a Cat Team staffer brought in a “peekaboo” battery-operated toy that Yetti absolutely loved! You could spend all day watching him play with it, figuring it out, and dragging it around his “prize” in his mouth!

Besides needing to be treated for fleas and some dental work, 3 year old Yetti was in perfect health! However, one thing that made Yetti unique was that he was completely deaf. The Cat Team and our Sanctuary cat volunteers always made sure to not “sneak up” on him or pet him while he was sleeping. He did seem to get spooked if he wasn’t expecting you to be near. At this time we were constructing our three new cottages and he seemed to be the only cat that liked watching all the hustle and bustle outside on his catio! One night there was a severe thunderstorm and a tuck-in volunteer was checking in on the kitties, shutting off their lights for the night. The volunteer arrived to Yetti’s room to find him on his catio! When they went outside, they found Yetti contently in the rain, watching lightning strike and the dark clouds passing by! Upon noticing the volunteer, Yetti came inside and said hi, leaving little wet paw prints over her pants. Too funny!

While we helped him search for another home and family, Yetti made many friends at our Sanctuary. One friend in particular from our Cat Team really wanted to make Yetti a permanent family member. She had a cat-friendly dog named Tommy and lived with her boyfriend. Knowing Yetti had a very social, independent personality, along with his bond with her, we felt confident that Yetti could live with Tommy and he was soon adopted!

We stayed in close contact during his first couple weeks to ensure introductions were going well. Thankfully, Yetti’s mom is very experienced with cats and Tommy is a very well-behaved boy! Yetti loved being in a house with so much space to run, explore, and be curious. He continued to be playful, adventurous, and even a bit mischievous sometimes- like his mom finding him in the kitchen cabinet! As time went on, they welcomed a roommate who adopted an all-black kitten named Midna, the exact same look as Yetti’s previous littermate! Much to everyone’s surprised, Yetti immediately took Midna underneath his wing. They loved to play together, groom each other, and especially enjoyed cuddling!

Midna got along well with Tommy, and possibly seeing that relationship, Yetti started to become much more comfortable with Tommy the dog. Yetti’s mom even caught the two sharing her bed and blankets!

During his 6 month check-in, we received this sweet update from his mom, “We’re still very happy with choosing him as our fur baby, he’s been the cause of lots of laughter and a great source of comfort in some hard times that have come up recently. We love him very much!” Yetti went from losing his big family and home to gaining an even bigger, expanding family that love, care, and support him. We’re so grateful for this sweet boy’s adoption and glad he found his beautiful blended furever family!


  1. Erica Blaschke on September 13, 2023 at 11:44 am

    Oh how nice.

    Thank you for helping me with a homeless one eyed kitten Grace. Our Companions paid for her eye nucleation and spay.

  2. June Day on September 13, 2023 at 6:20 pm

    Wonderful story!!