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Adoption Update: Jack

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Jack was originally adopted to a family that had two senior dogs in the home. This young Jack Russell Terrier proved to be quite energetic, needing lots of exercise and enrichment! The senior sisters weren’t too keen on a new baby brother, especially one that would disturb nap time and wanted to play all day! After some time, his owners realized that they weren’t meeting Jack’s needs, knowing he needed a more active home with dogs he could play with.They reached out to Our Companions where we entered Jack in our rehoming program, a program where pets can stay in their current home while we search for a more perfect fit.

And just a short while later, a lovely couple applied for Jack to see if they were that perfect match! They were looking for Jack Russell Terriers since they have had one in the past and loved the breed. They currently had two dogs as well, much closer in size and age with Jack, named Evie and Cookie Dough, Cookie for short! It can sometimes be a bit questionable how introductions with three dogs can go, but we were more than ready to see if Jack, Evie, and Cookie were up for the task! During the meet and greet, Jack can be a bit shy to men, but did warm up pretty quickly. Jack and Evie immediately hit it off! They were sniffing, hanging out, and felt very relaxed around each other. Cookie, on the other hand, wasn’t too sure about a new brother in the mix! The couple explained that Cookie needed some time to feel comfortable, especially with a large group of people during the meeting. Jack did very well with understanding Cookie’s cues that she needed space, which definitely helped Cookie feel more at ease.

We moved forward with a home visit, where the couple had a large fenced-in yard for the dogs to run and play! Jack and Evie had an absolute blast running around, playing with toys, and catching balls! Cookie was at a distance, but her curiosity couldn’t help but get the better of her and she had to follow the two around to see what was going on! We knew Cookie and Jack’s relationship needed some time, and with the great support of the family, we knew that Jack was in great hands and would love his new life!

We gave the family a call the next day after his adoption and we were happy to hear that as soon as Jack came home, Cookie gave him a sniff and then they happily chased each other all around the back yard! They continued to say that Evie is in love with Jack, following him everywhere and pawing him for attention! Within a few days, he was giving kisses and seemed to stick to his new mama like Velcro! They’ve been taking Jack out for hikes and even went swimming for the first time!

They celebrated Jack’s 3rd birthday and sent us this sweet photo and update of the three musketeers cuddling! Here’s what his mama had to say, “Jack is doing fantastic. I am truly blessed, he is wonderful and has such a loving and playful personality. I took this pic last night at bedtime. All three cuddled with me and each other. Cookie and Jack now have become best friends. They love to play rough and roll around. It is so much fun to watch. She continues to say, “He is the perfect fit and exactly what we needed. Thank you all so much again.

Even with the wonderful updates, we think the pictures speak for themselves! We are so happy for Jack for finding an amazing family that he loves and one that unconditionally loves him back! Big congrats to the three musketeers!