Volunteer with the Dogs at the Sanctuary

Deb Fox has been volunteering with her son since July 2014. What started out as a school project for him has turned into many years of dedicated volunteering. “We just kept on coming because we loved it so much!,” says Deb. When she isn’t walking the dogs at Our Companions, you can find her hiking, hanging out with friends, and painting. You might have even seen her handiwork if you are a frequent sanctuary visitor. She’s the skilled artiste who paints pumpkins for each of the doggies here.

“My favorite part about volunteering is the dogs, of course, but the best part is getting to form a bond with them. Sometimes the dogs can be skittish at first and it can take a long time to earn their trust. But you feel wonderful when it happens. We always say that no matter what went down on a visit, even if the dog was being a little stubborn that day, you leave always feeling like you did something good with your time.” She’s proud of all the little victories she can have with the dogs – whether it’s getting a fearful dog to snuggle on the couch, being able to take an anxious pup home on a field trip, or even just getting them to be happy to see you for a walk. Her advice to new volunteers? “Some of the dogs didn’t have the chance to form bonds with people for a long time – but with patience and persistence, when they finally come around – it is so worth it.”


  1. Dalia Bellivea on December 15, 2018 at 1:09 pm

    Good morning. My name is Dalia. I am interested in learning about volunteer opportunities.
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