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Volunteer Programs


Feline Sanctuary Volunteers

Our Feline Sanctuary Volunteers provide companionship and care to the sanctuary cats through socializing, interactive play, caregiving and cleaning, grooming and cuddling.

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Canine Sanctuary Volunteers

Our Canine Activity and Socialization Volunteers provide activity and socialization to the sanctuary dogs through walking, interactive play, and training. 

Our Canine Tuck-in Volunteers provide activity and socialization to the sanctuary dogs through relaxation, interactive play, and training during the evening (6 pm-9 pm).  We are currently looking for volunteers on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings.

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Helpline Volunteers

The Helpline Cat Placement Counselor responds to inquiries from caregivers/owners looking to find new homes for their pet cat or friendly stray.

The Administrative Data Entry Support Volunteer assists the Helpline function with data entry and general office support.

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Canine College Volunteer

Specially-trained Canine College Volunteers provide the workforce for our positive reward-based training classes to the public. These classes address common behavior problems, and strengthen the bond between people and their canine companions.

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Grounds Maintenance Volunteer

Ground Maintenance Volunteers help maintain the grounds and landscaping at our Ashford Sanctuary. Please note, this opportunity does not require a one year commitment!

For any questions about any of our volunteer programs and opportunities, you can contact us here!

Click Here to read our policy on incorporating minor volunteers.