Volunteer Opportunity – Canine College

It’s clear to see that Beth Vincent is passionate about helping animals. She volunteers her time with OC to the Canine College. She assists in some classes and in others is the head trainer. “I’ve always wanted to work with dogs and unfortunately when I was younger I listen to outside sources saying ‘you can’t work with dogs, you need to get a real job.’ I just got to a point where I really wanted to do something,” says Beth. She was hooked from the initial orientation – “then I met Deanna and Marie and my Canine College journey began. It’s been an amazing six years, I have learned so much.” She empowers clients in their journey to train their dogs, taking time to individually tailor a program to each dog’s needs.

Her favorite type of success story is when someone comes in frustrated with their “bad” dog. She says “as classes start, you can see their relationship change and they connect with their dog. The dogs learn their people have their back and they become great advocates for their pups.”

Canine College also has the “Adopt a Shelter” program under their wing. Beth loves to see the improvements of these vulnerable dogs in a pound setting – “in that program, you go to the local pounds and work with a dog for a couple hours a week. It’s very cool to see the dogs progress and then get adopted to their forever home.”

Her advice to new volunteers? “Take advantage of all the experiences they have to offer, you can really learn so much – even if it’s just for your own dog.”



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