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Adoption Update – The Bird Kittens

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Some of you may remember these adorable faces! This quartet of cuteness was dubbed the “bird kittens” with the names Hawk, Chickadee, Robin, and Finch. They were rescued and briefly fostered by a caring, compassionate women, and arrived at the sanctuary when they were 5-6 weeks old. They were in need of some socialization, but as you can imagine, we had plenty of people willing to help out with that! Who doesn’t want to spend their time playing with kittens??

It was no surprise that they were scooped up by their new families quickly, and were only with us for about a month.

Robin and Finch (now Lucy and Hobbes) went home first with a lovely young couple. They ended up recommending their friends as potential adopters for Hawk and Chickadee (now Ducky and Marble), and pretty soon they were off to their new home as well!

We recently received a photo of the fantastic four reunited! How awesome is it that they still get to hang out together?!  It certainly looks like they found their perfect forever homes!